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Foro La Toja V Edition
The fifth edition of La Toja Forum-Atlantic Link brought together nearly 40 high-level speakers and over 100 prominent representatives from companies, institutions and organisations connected with the economic, political and academic world.

The great media impact of its discussions has positioned La Toja Forum-Atlantic Link as an essential space for dialogue between both Atlantic coasts. Since its first edition, it has succeeded in becoming a benchmark for public conversation, an invitation to analyse the challenges that we share, the problems that we must face and the possibility of doing so together.
Speakers of our last edition
  • Alberto Núñez Feijóo​
    President of the Popular Party and opposition leade
  • Alex Romero
    Co-founder Constella Intelligence
  • Alfonso Rueda
    President of the Regional Goverment of Galicia
  • Alicia García Herrero
    Senior en Bruegel
  • Álvaro Nadal
    Ex-minister of Industry (2016-2018) and ex-head of the Economic Office of the President of the Government (2011-2016)
  • Andrés Allamand
    Ibero-American General Secretary
  • Antón Costas
    President of the Economic and Social Council
  • Arancha González Laya
    Ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union, and Cooperation 2020-2021
  • Áurea Moltó
    Director of the Elcano Network
  • Ana Pastor Julián
    Ex-minister of Health and Consumer Affairs (2002-2004) and of Public Works (2011-2016)
  • Carlos López Blanco
    Senior Adviser Flint Global & Presidente of Fundación ESYS
  • Chris Dodd
    Senator, Special Presidential Advisor for the Americas
  • Cristina Herrero
    President of the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF)
  • Cris Turner
    Vice-president and Government Affairs at Google
  • Costanza Rizzacasa d’Orsogna
    Journalist and writer. Author of the book “La cancel culture nella cultura americana”
  • Dani Rodrik
    Professor of Political Economy at Harvard and Princess of Asturias Award for Social Sciences
  • Emiliano García Page
    President of the Regional Goverment of Castilla-La Mancha
  • Fernando Clavijo
    President of the Regional Government of Canary Islands
  • Héctor Flórez
    President of Deloitte Spain
  • José Juan Ruíz
    President of Elcano Royal Institute
  • Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez
    President of ABANCA
  • Luis Gallego
    CEO of IAG Group
  • Luis Garicano Gabilondo
    Professor of Public Policy London School of Economics
  • Marc Murtra
    President of Indra
  • Margaritis Schinas
    Vice-President of the European Commission
  • Mariano Rajoy
    Ex-president Spain (2011-2018)
  • Mario Ruiz-Tagle
    CEO of Iberdrola Spain
  • Marta Fernández Currás
    Secretary of State for Budgets and Expenditure (2011-2016)
  • Maite Rico
    Deputy Director at the Spanish daily El Mundo
  • Michael Grant Ignatieff
    Writer, professor and Rector Emeritus of the Central European University of Vienna
  • Miriam González Durántez
    International lawyer
  • Óscar García Maceiras
    CEO Inditex
  • Pablo Hernández de Cos
    Governor of Banco de España
  • Peter Boghossian
    Philosopher, Founding Faculty Fellow (University of Austin)
  • Pilar del Castillo
    Member of the European Parliament, Data Act Speaker
  • Pablo Trueba
    President of Marsh Spain
  • Paloma Baena
    Ex-director at OCDE and BID, and IE’s professor
  • Rafael Doménech
    BBVA Research Head of Economic Analysis y Catedrático de Fundamentos del Análisis Economicos en la UV
  • Ramón Jáuregui
    President of the Euroamerica Foundation
  • Rick R. Suárez
    President of Astrazeneca Spain
  • Robin Niblett
    Distinguished Fellow of Chatham House and Senior Adviser at Hakluyt
  • Rocío Martínez Sampere
    Director of the Felipe González Foundation
  • Sebastián Piñera
    Ex-president of Chile (2010-2014 y 2018-2022)
  • Trinidad Jiménez
    Ex-minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (2010-2011)
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Central themes
Forum Round Tables
  • The future of globalization
    Dani Rodrik was one of the first economists to warn years ago about the internal contradictions of the process of hyperglobalization of the world economy. In a way, the facts have come to prove him right: today we are facing a process of open redefinition of the phenomenon both in terms of its social and political consequences and the need to adapt to a new scenario where the security factor seems to take precedence over other strictly economic considerations.
  • Data and Artificial Intelligence: at the center of it all
    It has been said that data is the oil of the 21st century, which reflects an indisputable reality: the great transformation brought about by Digitalization and the Digital Economy comes from the growing capacity to store and, above all, process data to give new value to the activities of all economic sectors, both traditional and emerging. The European Digital Strategy, whose latest manifestations are the Data Governance Act and the future Data Act, will not only mark European regulation in this area, but will become a global regulatory benchmark.
  • The return of geography: the new global geopolitics and its implications
    China's prominence on the world scene has become so indisputable that the great international political issue of our times is to define the relations of each of the different actors with the Asian giant. In a completely polarized USA, the only consensus that can be perceived today is the need to strengthen its strategy vis-à-vis China, which is considered much more than a serious trade competitor. Europe's first priority is to deal with the end of the war in Ukraine, but it must also decide what role it should play in this new landscape of growing strategic and commercial tension.
  • The role of Ibero-America in the new global geography
    Lula's return to the presidency of Brazil and his active international presence has given Ibero-America an even more important role in the new map of world geography. The West has discovered that its prolonged absence from Ibero-America and Africa has left the field open for its main rival to establish solid alliances in both areas of the world. Europe and the US are once again looking at Ibero-America with less moral superiority and a greater willingness to understand the transformations taking place in the region.
  • Strengthening democratic values: freedom of expression
    Western countries not only face threats from abroad, but also within liberal democracies there are phenomena that undermine the essential principles of their functioning. We are talking about polarization, the rise of extremism and threats to freedom of expression and, in particular, to academic freedom, a phenomenon that is much more pronounced in US universities.
  • New fiscal rules for Europe
    The period of the Spanish Presidency of the European Union has a milestone of paramount importance: the definition of new fiscal rules for Europe that should come into force next year. The common objective is to achieve simple, clearer and less voluntarist rules than those currently in force. Combining the flexibility that was lacking in the past with effectiveness in meeting the objectives does not seem easy. Nor will it be easy to arbitrate a system that allows the necessary resources to be found for convergence policies or to face common challenges such as climate change.
The Forum in headlines
  • «El debate en torno a la globalización centra la apertura del Foro La Toja La Vanguardia»
  • «Felipe VI apela al "sosiego y la voluntad de entender distintos puntos de vista" en "asuntos que marcan nuestro futuro y nuestro presente" en la inauguración del Foro La Toja»
  • «Grandes empresas del país llaman desde El Foro La Toja a la estabilidad política y a transformar el modelo productivo»
  • «Feijóo ve la autodeterminación como “un cebo” para colar la amnistía y Page pide explicaciones»
  • «Hernández de Cos aboga por culminar la unión bancaria y la unión del mercado de capitales en la UE»
  • «Rajoy admite que la amnistía le pone “muy nervioso”»
  • «El Foro La Toja abordará las prioridades de España durante la próxima legislatura»
  • «Murtra (Indra) pone a España en la “avanzadilla” tecnológica mundial»
  • «Allamand afirma que la presidencia española de la UE relanza la relación con Latinoamérica»
  • «Antón Costas: “La amnistía es una medida de gracia”»
  • «Rei Felipe VI apela à necessidade de "recuperar a confiança nas democracias representativas»
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